Detailing Clay Bar


Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar professionally removes external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, grime, rail dust, and tree sap mist. Effective on paint, glass, metal and plastic.


STRONG CLEANING POWER: Deeply eligible to clean and remove surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt.

CONVENIENT: We highly recommend pairing our clay bars with Maxshine Clay Lube, but when you are all out, a great advantage to our clay bars is that they work great with water alone! Our clay bars can also be used many times, giving you timeless results.

EFFICIENT: Effectively removes hard chemical substances like tar and asphalt stuck in the paint, as well as leaves a truly smooth finish.

Recommendations:Keeping the clay or the car surface lubricated at all times while in use.


2041150PHeavy Grade,Purple
2043150WFine Grade,White
50g/pc, 3pcs/package, Plastic box

How to use our car clay

Step 1

Start by parking the car in shade and soaking the exterior with water.

Step 2

Mix the proper proportion of car wash liquid in a bucket of water. Do not use dishwashing liquid or other soap. It can harm the car’s finish. Wash a section of the car at a time, and rinse until completing the entire car.

Step 3

Dry the car with a towel.

Step 4

After the clay bar application and wiping off, the surface will be perfectly smooth. Use as directed with the liquid it comes with, a small section at a time.

Step 5 (Optional)

Wax if desired. This will increase shine and help protect the car’s finish.

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