Hand Clay Pad


Introducing Maxshine’s Clay Pad Grinding Block, an innovative upgrade to traditional clay, allowing the user to manually wax and lightly remove blemishes on the paint. Textured backing allows for an easy application of the pad and features an ergonomic grip for easy use.

Red Polishing Foam Pad specially designed for removing surface defects, swirls, grime, stains, dirt, dust, chemical oxidation, etc.


Gentle, Non-Scratch Material

Lasts up to 10x longer than traditional clay!

Durable Construction

Clay Pad/Grinding Block/ Polishing Foam Pad Included


Art.N°DiaMaterialColorPackage Including
2042075S3×2.5 inPU FoamRed + Black75mm Clay pad + 74.5mm Grinding Block+75mm Polishing Foam Pad


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